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What to Look For When Choosing a Preschool

When it comes to choosing a preschool, it's more than just finding child care. Preschool is a formative time in your child's life where brain development and social, physical, and educational foundations are being laid every day. Here are some important things to consider when choosing the best early learning program for your little one.

Make a List of Prospective Places

If you have more than one preschool program in mind, take some time to list out your choices. Make this list with these considerations in mind:

  • Your kid's learning style

  • What kinds of things the preschool values

  • What activities are available to your child

  • Options of paying for child care

  • How far it is from home or work for easy access or if you need to pick up your child during the day.

Also, talk to people with young children and families to get their recommendations on the best preschools in Las Vegas.

Visit the Preschool and Ask Questions

Have some questions ready, and take note of how you feel in the space. See how your child responds and if they get excited about being there. Here are some essential questions to keep in mind that will help you evaluate if the program is right for you:

1. What Is the Classroom Atmosphere?

Since your child will be spending regular time in their preschool environment, make sure it's a place that feels welcoming. Notice things like:

  • How the rooms are set up.

  • How you feel when you are in that space.

  • How your child responds if they come with you to check the place out.

Take into consideration your child's personality and interests and see if the space caters to their individual learning style.

2. What Kind of Programs Do They Offer?

Find out if they offer music, reading, STEAM, or other early childhood development programs that match your child's interests. Are programs based on age-appropriate learning and development objectives to prepare them for Kindergarten? Do they focus on reading, and what is their method to teach your child the first steps? Ensure they have a structure to set your child up for educational success.

3. What Are the Qualifications of the Teachers?

It's often easy to focus on the curriculum, but the people are just as important! As you speak with the faculty, ask yourself:

  • What is your impression of the teachers?

  • Are they welcoming and inviting?

  • Does the staff engage positively with the children?

  • Do the teachers participate in regular professional development to stay on top of the trends?

You may also want to know if the teachers are trained in CPR, first aid, or infection control, especially if your child has any allergies or medical needs.

4. Does the Preschool Track Learning Progress?

If Kindergarten readiness is a factor, ask how the preschool tracks achievements and their process for setting goals. Do they track individual results and keep parents informed of success and areas that need improvement?

5. What Steps Are in Place to Maintain a Safe Learning Environment?

Notice the condition of the facility and ask them how health and safety standards are upheld. You should also consider the safety of the environment and the building itself. Some questions to ask include:

  • Are there regular disinfecting routines, hand washing routines, and routine safety inspections?

  • What steps are taken each day to keep the building and kids safe?

  • Who has access to the building and the classrooms?

  • What are the check-in and check-out procedures?

6. How Are the Students Disciplined?

It’s also essential to understand how the school maintains order in the classrooms and how teachers deal with challenging behaviors. What types of behaviors are addressed, and how? These methods should align with your values and be consistent with your own disciplining methods at home.

Choose a Preschool Program

Once you have reviewed your options, visited the schools, and learned about the program’s early childhood curriculum, you'll better understand which educational opportunity is the best fit.

Is There a Non-Secular Preschool Near Me?

If you're looking for Judaic enriched teaching with an engaging environment in the Green Valley area of Las Vegas, Midbar Kodesh Henderson preschool is ready to welcome you and your little one to our community!

The early years of child development help lay a strong foundation for the future, which is why we work hard to foster a love of learning and curiosity in young children to prepare them for successful elementary school years. Contact our school in Henderson, NV today to schedule a visit or get more information.


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