Inscribe Your Legacy: Join the Haftarah Project

Midbar Kodesh Temple's Sefer Haftarah is used weekly on our bima and is chanted by our clergy and readers. The Haftarah Scroll is permanently displayed in our rotunda and turned to each week's portion.

Each portion is highlighted by the original artwork of Mordechai Rosenstein.

Your portion can be commemorated in The Haftarah Project. Choose a Haftarah reading that is meaningful to you - your Bar/Bat Mitzvah portion, the commemoration of an anniversary, birthdate, birth of a child or grandchild, or in memory of someone that was special to you. 


Be inspired. Join us in inscribing a legacy. Call our office 702-454-4848 and ask us how.

Midbar Kodesh Temple | Early Childhood Center and Religious School

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