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The David L. Simon Foundation Logo

The David L. Simon Foundation was established by Connie Pectol in memory of David L. Simon in order to make a difference in the world by making significant financial contributions "to promote such qualified charitable objects and purposes that benefit Jewish and/or children's causes as may be determined by the board of trustees, in its discretion, from time to time."  Sadly, Connie passed away in February 2023.  The remaining board members continue working on her vision which includes funding projects for Midbar Kodesh Temple and the community. 

The DLSF funds several programs at Midbar Kodesh Temple including the Museum of Tolerance L.A. Overnight trip for 7th and 8th graders accompanied by their parents and teaching staff;  Religious School and ECC teacher enrichment programs and curriculum; B'nei Mitzvah Class group and personal Tikkun Olam projects; classroom and congregational Shabbat dinners; USY scholarships and program funding; refurbishing of MKT school classrooms; and the annual Passover Seder.  Community funding has included grants to the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities at Touro University; Las Vegas Clark County Library District for Early Childhood Reading Programs; food gift cards for CCSD Title I Project HOPE students; CCSD HOPE Scholarship summer housing at UNLV, College Scholarship to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Improve Care Now - IBD Family Conference, and the Ashley Strong Project. The Simon Foundation also funds the Young Leadership Award given each year by Jewish Nevada and supports Jewish Family Service Agency's Food Pantry.

David L. Simon Center for Education & Tikkun Olam

In 2007, the David L. Simon Foundation gave a gift of over $1.1 million to Midbar Kodesh Temple to build an educational wing for the synagogue and the community. Connie Pectol, then administrator of the David L. Simon Foundation, had a great affection for the children and families at Midbar Kodesh Temple that began years ago when she had read about the accomplishment of Midbar Kodesh Temple's children.

Connie had been trying to find the right project that would benefit the families of Midbar Kodesh Temple in a way that would be important to the synagogue and to the foundation.  When she attended the 2007 sanctuary groundbreaking and heard that Midbar Kodesh needed a new school building, she felt that she had found the perfect project.  The donation was given in honor of the children of Midbar Kodesh Temple and in memory of David L. Simon.  The building was dedicated in January 2012 now houses the USY youth lounge and ECC and Religious school classrooms. 



David L. Simon Foundation Scholarship

In September 2015 the David L. Simon Foundation established a one time $1000.00 scholarship to the children of families who became members through December 2015. The scholarship is to be used for Jewish Summer Camp or Peer trips to Israel.  This gift is made available by the David L. Simon Foundation to Midbar Kodesh Temple members’ children. If your family became members of MKT by the end of December 2015 and are still members between your child’s 14th and 18th birthday, then a one-time scholarship will be made available to your child. Member family must be in good standing for at least three years before scholarship can be funded and must be used by the summer of the senior high school year.  For more information contact Marcy Welt at 702.263.2404.

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