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Through common interest and core values Men's Club at Midbar Kodesh Temple offers support in many ways, including grants and gifts to children's programming, Jewish Camp, Israel travel scholarship, USY scholarship, 

and funding to repair sefrei Torah and prayerbooks.  

MKT Men's Club hosts the annual World Wide Wrap, held on Superbowl Sunday, where men, women, teens and children gather to learn and teach the mitzvah of wrapping tefillin. The Yom Hashoah Yellow Memorial Candle goes into the homes of all synagogue members with an annual mailing from Men's Club.  With HAZAK they host the annual dinner in the Sukkah. The annual poker tournament brings the community together for a morning of play, while raising money used to fund Midbar's favorite BBQs, which are sponsored and grilled by Men's Club who enthusiastically serve up 100's of hot dogs each time! 

Men's Club at Midbar Kodesh Temple is part of United Synagogue's Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs.

Sisterhood at Midbar Kodesh Temple

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