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Midbar Kodesh Temple members Cory and Danielle Weinstein and their 2 young children arrived in Las V

Midbar Kodesh Temple members Cory and Danielle Weinstein and their 2 young children arrived in Las Vegas from Simi Valley in the summer 2017. They found our Green Valley synagogue by accident as they were shopping for preschools. They became members in 2018.

Cory and Danielle met 14 years ago. Both grew up in Southern California. They spent a lot of time together camping and rock climbing. Early in his career Cory worked as a data analyst for an insurance company. He is a part owner in Bass Brushes, a family owned L.A. business. As the VP of Operations, Cory and the family moved to Las Vegas with the company, which specializes in manufacturing and distributing many types of hair care and body care items. Cory is an ice hockey enthusiast, both on and off the ice, and enjoys playing golf. Cory sits on Midbar’s finance committee.

Danielle graduated California State University Channel Islands in 2013 with a degree in Business. She has taken time off to raise their children and also helps with side projects for Bass Brushes. Danielle sits on the ECC committee as well as on the ECC sub-committee under the re-opening committee. She loves home DIY projects and reading. Danielle is comfortable in the MKT kitchen as she often prepares lunches for the ECC kids, and joined the "Star Bakers" in preparing goodies for the onegs that follow Shabbat services.

Caleb attended the ECC and graduated in 2019. He just completed his first year in Religious School and is looking forward to going back next year. He likes to draw and is also a hockey fan, playing and watching the game with great enthusiasm. Kira, who loves to sing and dance, now attends Midbar ECC and has just completed her first year. Cory and Danielle say that they "have an entertainer in the making!"

Danielle said that when they moved to Las Vegas they did not know anyone but did know that they wanted to create a community for their family. “In our search for a preschool, we came across Midbar Kodesh ECC and took the tour. Once we met the teachers and admin, we were hooked and knew this is where we wanted to be. Immediately, it felt like a family.” She said that in just 2 years, the four of them “have developed great relationships." They feel that, with their synagogue involvement, they are growing with the synagogue.

Danielle said that they “look forward to staying as involved as possible and creating a great little community for our kids to grow up in." They hope that everyone is staying safe and enjoying the new found time we all seem to have on our hands. “We know first hand how hard it is to keep up with work and the kids' school activities,” said Danielle, but she hopes everyone knows they're doing great no matter how much they do or don't get done! And, she reminds everyone to enjoy quality time together with their families.

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