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Mazel Tov Charley and the Bell family!

Charley Lyn Bell, daughter of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Jill and Mike Bell, will be called to the Torah in May at the synagogue. Charley is a 7th grader at a local middle school where she plays the trumpet. Band and math are her favorite subjects. She plays tennis and enjoys participating in her "Prinicpal's Book Chat" club.

Charley's mitzvah project is to establish a library of books to auction off at the JDRF of Southern Nevada fundraising gala to be held on May 11. She posted an Amazon wish list on the foundation's website with hopes to use those gifts to raise money for JDRF. As a Youth Ambassador for JDRF Charley wants to bring attention to people living with T1D, sometimes called Juvenile Diabetes, and share her own experiences to help others understand how important fundraising for research is to find a cure for this disease. For more information about JDRF go to:

Charley, granddaughter to Carol Richardson, and Allen Bell, of blessed memory; and Georgia Sallows, and James Sallows, of blessed memory, will be joined in celebration by family and friends from Las Vegas, California and Oregon.

Charley has been studying hard and is very excited about her bat mitzvah. Her parents feel blessed and honored by this extraordinary young woman and say they are in awe of her each and every day.

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