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Welcome our newest Religious School Teacher, Sivan Gavish!

Sivan Gavish became the newest teacher at the Midbar Kodesh Temple Religious School as of January 1st. She will be teaching the ten students in our Kindergarten/1st grade class.

Sivan was born in California, but moved to Las Vegas 15 years ago. Sivan went to college at the University of Arizona, then later transferred to the University of Nevada Las Vegas (GOOOOO REBELS!) and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies.

Sivan says, "I love photography and writing so I created my blog The Olive Brunette as a platform to do what I love every day." Sivan will also be part of the new young Jewish adults group at Midbar Kodesh Temple (you can find more information at

All of the women in the Gavish family are in education and have inspired Sivan to become a teacher and work in education herself.

She's ready to get to work. "My motto in life is 'if it’s to be, it’s up to me!'”

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