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Elul – A Time to Reflect

If you have not checked our Facebook page recently, you are missing out on an important part of the High Holiday season. We have a little less than a month to prepare to stand before God on the High Holidays. We are supposed to use this time to do a deep introspection and self-audit of our actions over the past year. What questions should we be asking ourselves?

Since the beginning of Elul, which started on Sunday September 4th, I have been sharing questions and prompts to help us prepare to get in the right mindset for the High Holidays. You can check back on our Facebook each day and feel free to comment or share.

So far we have had the following:

Elul 1 – What kind of parent have I been?

Elul 2 – How have I worked at trying to eliminate some of the prejudices I know I still harbor?

Elul 3 – What kind of sibling have I been?

Elul 4 – What have I done this year to make the world just a little better?

Elul 5 – What kind of child have I been?

Elul 6 – How have I treated my physical body?

Elul 7 – What kind of friend/neighbor have I been?

This spiritual accounting gives us a chance to clarify life's daily goals, stepping back to take an honest look at ourselves with the intention of making improvements, readying us for Selichot and the Days of Awe that follow.

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