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Welcome our newest member: Yakov Savitskiy

Yakov Savitskiy moved to Las Vegas from Georgia in December of 2015 after graduating from Georgia Southern University. Coming from a first generation immigrant family, Yakov came to the US when he was 18 months old from Vilnius, Lithuania and speaks Russian fluently. As an E-Commerce Fulfillment Consultant, he helps online retailers scale and grow their businesses by using fulfillment services and software. He also works with small business owners to help them generate leads through online funnels. Yakov lives on the outskirts of Green Valley and has enjoyed the welcoming community at Midbar Kodesh Temple. He looks forward to being part of the community and continuing to get to know members of the synagogue. So far, Yakov has been a leader in helping to create and launch Midbar Kodesh Temple's forthcoming Young Leadership Division. If you'd like to connect with Yakov, you can find him on LinkedIn or send him a friend request on Facebook.

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