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Birthright: Tel-Aviv - Jared Polikoff and Alicia Sheinkin

10 days in a completely different world where we come from. Israel. That is the connection everyone has on birthright. Jewish identity. That is something that birthright participants come to find on this trip and explore on a deeper level. About two-thirds of the trip has passed, and boy were the Jewish Federation's birthright volunteers right about it being crazy in a perfect way. Choosing a favorite place or activity that we have experienced thus far is definitely a hard one. Although one day, in particular, stood out our in mind, and that was our experience at the Tel- Aviv Market. There was a certain charm and uniqueness about it. There are various products and foods to purchase throughout the entire market and the ambiance is something everyone should experience. The merchants selling us products carry something so much more than just souvenirs and delicious shawarma. These people bear a rich Israeli culture that we have never seen before. Tasting the baklava and seeing all of the spices represents Jewish identity through the food that has been passed down thousands of years. Accompanied by the amazing scenery and the crystal clear beaches, this market marks the perfect place for tourists and our favorite of all places at the time being. This trip has opened our eyes to the wonders of Israel and the culture of which our ancestors came from, and seeing this within the markets of Tel-Aviv has been an amazing experience.

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