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Midbar Kodesh Temple's Cantor Daniel Gale will receive a Master’s Degree in Jewish Education fro

Midbar Kodesh Temple's Cantor Daniel Gale will receive a Master’s Degree in Jewish Education from the Shoolman School of Education at Hebrew College later this month. His thesis was about “Teaching the Holocaust through Music in Secondary Education." Cantor Gale serves as the Hazzan at Midbar Kodesh Temple, is the Religious School Director and also oversees the youth department, which includes USY, Kadima and Katan.

Based on his thesis work Cantor Gale was recently contacted by the Shoah Foundation and asked to share some aspects of his research with them. The Shoah Foundation is developing a program to better utilize music in Holocaust education. Cantor Gale will participate in an upcoming webinar on the subject.

Cantor also received the "Dr. Albert and Dorothy Holzman Prize for Innovative Instructional Materials in Jewish Education," a prestigious academic award from Hebrew College.

Cantor Gale said that he began the degree program several years ago at the Jewish Theological Seminary and finished the degree at Hebrew College. "The education has been valuable to my professional development as an educator and education director at MKT. Although my formal degree work is now completed, I remain committed to my continued professional advancement, both in my role as educator and as hazzan," he said.

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