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Purim – Let the Festivities Begin

Purim is just a few weeks away.  As we approach the joyous festival of Purim, our hearts are filled with anticipation and excitement. Purim, a time of celebration and merriment, is also a moment for reflection and learning from the timeless teachings embedded in our traditions. I want to take the opportunity to use my Shtender over the next couple of weeks to highlight the different mitzvot of Purim.  Each week, I will highlight one. 


The four major mitzvot of Purim are, Kriat HaMegillah or Reading the Megillah, Mishloah Manot or giving gift packages to friends and family, Matanot Le’evyonim or donations to the poor and Seudat Purim or festival Purim meal.  Each mitzvah has a special significance for us today. 


Kriat HaMegillah – Reading the Megillah. 


Megillat Esther, the Scroll of Esther, recounts the miraculous story of how the Jewish people were saved from the wicked plans of Haman during the Persian Empire. What is the significance of us reading the Megillah each year? What lessons does it hold for us today?


One of the central themes of the Megillat Esther is the unity of the Jewish people. When faced with adversity, Esther and Mordecai rallied their fellow Jews to stand together in solidarity. The power of communal support and unity is a timeless lesson that resonates with us today. In a world filled with challenges, the Book of Esther reminds us that strength lies in unity, and when we come together, we can overcome any obstacle.


Esther, a brave and resourceful Jewish queen, risked her life to approach King Ahasuerus and plead for the salvation of her people. Her courage in the face of adversity is an inspiration for us all. In our daily lives, we may encounter challenges requiring similar courage to stand up for our principles and values. Megillat Esther teaches us that even in moments of fear, we can find the strength to face adversity head-on.


As we come together to fulfill the mitzvah of hearing the Megillat Esther being read, let us carry these timeless lessons into our lives. May the spirit of unity, courage, and joy inspire us to navigate the challenges of our time with faith and resilience.


Wishing you all a joyous and meaningful Purim!

Do not forget to check your emails for all the information on our Purim happenings on Saturday night March 23 and Sunday, March 24


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