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Chag Kasher V’Samyach

The customary greeting for this season as we ready ourselves for Pesach is rendered as "Have a Happy, Kosher Passover." However, amidst the backdrop of the conflict in Gaza, the plight of captives in the region, and the looming specter of escalation with Iran, summoning the usual joy associated with the holiday proves challenging this year. The question that lingers is how to strike a delicate balance between the celebration of familial and communal unity during the seder meal and the solemn acknowledgment of those lost on October 7th, solidarity with the hostages in Gaza, and apprehension over potential conflict with Iran.


Traditionally, families enhance their Haggadah with poems, songs, and prayers that reflect the prevailing concerns of the time. This year, I've come across numerous pieces that resonate with the current situation in Israel. Yet, I am cautious about transforming the seder into a somber memorial or vigil. It's imperative that we carefully deliberate on the most fitting approach to incorporate these readings into our seders. Our aim should be to include readings illuminating the significance of Israel while upholding the timeless traditions of the seder.


For examples of supplementary materials that others have compiled, you can visit the following links:



We trust that you'll find these resources beneficial for your seder and observance of Pesach. 


Shabbat Shalom and wishing everyone a chag, kasher v’samyach, a happy, kosher Pesach. 


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