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Michael Garel, Sara Urtz, and baby son Leonard (Leo) Garel moved to Las Vegas last year from Salt Flat, Texas and joined Midbar Kodesh Temple to engage with the Jewish community in their new home city. Michael and Sara are both from back east; Mike from Bethesda, Maryland and Sara from South Carolina. Mike is a U.S. Park Ranger working for the National Park Service since 2008. Sara is a critical care nurse and has been in the medical field for five years. Prior to that she worked in social services, including wilderness therapy in Utah and juvenile probation in her home state.

Mike is a member of the The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) which is a non-union club and lobbying organization for federal law enforcement. Sara belongs to the American Nursing Association (ANA) and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). They enjoy international travel and all outdoor recreational activities.

Since Mike and Sara are brand new to the community and congregation, and moving to the Las Vegas Valley during the Covid pandemic, they have not yet had the opportunity to work on a committee or bring their expertise to the congregation, but are hopeful to take on roles at the synagogue. Mike said that "MKT has been extremely warm and welcoming since we joined" and that he and Sara look forward to having their son learn about the traditions and culture that are a part of his heritage at MKT.


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