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Getting To Know Our Midbar Kodesh Family - The Dushmans

Evan and Amber Dushman, with young son Marshall, are among the newest members of Midbar Kodesh Temple coming to the Las Vegas Valley from Chicago where Evan and Amber met and lived for 10 years. Evan, a local business developer was raised in Las Vegas before moving to Chicago, and returning to Las Vegas with Amber and Marshall in April 2021. Amber is an elementary school teacher and was a corporate archivist for a national non-profit organization in Chicago. Amber was born and raised in Oklahoma before moving to Ohio with her family as a pre-teen. Amber attended school in Ohio and moved to Chicago for graduate school where she and Evan met.

Marshall is almost 8 years old and is in the first grade. He loves LEGOs, dinosaurs, Pokemon and is a Cub Scout. They love spending time as a family, traveling and experiencing adventures. They spend a lot of time in their new home in Spring Valley with their beloved pets and enjoying the beautiful Vegas weather. Amber loves to read and Evan loves watching all sports and is a Boston fan!

Pre-pandemic, Marshall had begun religious school in Chicago and looks forward to attending class at Midbar. Amber also enjoys Jewish adult education and looks forward to in person and on line classes. After settling in, the Dushmans hope to become involved in synagogue life, trying out a committee or two and meeting new friends.

Amber says that they "felt so welcomed at the high holidays and are looking forward to our son having a place to learn and grow."


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