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From Rabbi's Shtender - M’ Shnichnas Adar, Marbim B’simcha

When Adar Comes, Increase Your Happiness and Joy.

As we enter the Hebrew month of Adar, as we did this week, it is important to reflect on the significance of this time and the traditions that come with it. Adar is a special month in the Jewish calendar, a time of celebration and joy, as it marks the beginning of the holiday of Purim.

Purim is a joyous holiday commemorating the rescue of the Jewish people from the wicked Haman, who had planned to destroy them. It is a time when we come together to celebrate our freedom and remember the bravery of Queen Esther and her uncle Mordechai, who played a vital role in saving our people.

One of the central themes of Purim is happiness, which is why it is so important to bring in the month of Adar with joy and celebration. In fact, our sages teach us that we should increase our joy during this time, as it is a time of miracles and divine intervention.

This means that we should strive to be happy and positive throughout the month of Adar, and especially during the holiday of Purim. We can do this by engaging in activities that bring us joy, such as spending time with family and friends, giving gifts of food to our neighbors, or Mishloach Manot, and participating in the reading of the Megillah (the Scroll of Esther).

In addition, we should also strive to spread joy and happiness to others during this time. This can be done by performing acts of kindness and charity, such as giving to those in need or visiting the sick.

By bringing in the month of Adar with joy and happiness, we not only honor the traditions of our ancestors but also create a positive and uplifting environment for ourselves and those around us. So let us embrace this time with open hearts and minds, and let the joy of Purim fill us with happiness and gratitude.

If you would like to participate in our Mishloach Manot program (sending gift packages to family and friends at MKT) click here.

Click here for information about our Purim Carnival on Sunday March 5.

Click here for information about our Megillah reading festivities on March 6.

Wishing you all a joyful and happy Adar,

Rabbi Tecktiel


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