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Enhancing our Passover Seders

Each year, in addition to the traditional customs and melodies that we use at our Seders, many of us try to infuse new meaning and relevancy to the meal. Whole haggadas have been written with contemporary themes from the inclusion of women, to Harry Potter.

This year, I share with you a piece put together by Joel Chasnoff and his business partner Benjie Lovitt in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel. Joel will be with us in a couple of weeks to help celebrate Cindy Goussak and MKT as we Plant for Our Future.

With everything happening in Israel today, the piece is a nice way to get people talking about our connection to Israel through Passover themes. Enjoy!

Wishing everyone a Zissen Pesach – Happy and Healthy Passover.

Rabbi Tecktiel

4 Questions Israel
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