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Chanukah Is Right Around The Corner

What is Chanukah? Seems like an easy question to answer. But the rabbis themselves had trouble explaining the significance of Chanukah, even back in Talmudic times. How should we answer that question? I am excited to announce that the Board of Rabbis of Southern Nevada has put together an exciting evening of discussion about the holiday.

On Monday December 7th, we will have three panel discussions about different aspects of the holiday from the debate about even having the holiday to the debate about how exactly to light the candles. The last panel will focus on some of the marginal figures in the Chanukah story and how they relate to today’s marginalized communities.

You have learned about the miracle, the days-worth of oil lasting for eight, now come learn the real story behind the celebration of Chanukah.

See the flyer below for details and zoom link.

Shabbat Shalom


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