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Chanukah and Hope

Chanukah 5784 draws to a close today as we transition into Shabbat. I invariably find the conclusion of Chanukah somewhat disheartening. Throughout the week, we not only celebrate but continually augment light amid darkness each passing day. We rejoice with gifts and relish in latkes, sufganiot, and chocolate gelt. The spinning of the dreidel and the harmonious songs of joy fill our moments. Eventually, it arrives at an abrupt conclusion. However, therein lies the essence. Chanukah occurs during the period when darkness envelops us the most. We endure short, cold, and somber days along with extended nights. Our reaction to these prolonged nights involves infusing them with light through the illumination of candles. The underlying message conveys that we possess the capacity to navigate through the darkest of times. As Chanukah draws to a close, the nights gradually shorten, and the days extend. Once more, the Jewish community has demonstrated resilience, providing us with the strength to navigate through the remaining winter days and welcome the arrival of spring.


This Shabbat, let us revel in the newfound hope for the future and its forthcoming promise.


Shabbat Shalom.


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