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Author Julie Zuckerman Joins Us Via Zoom on June 21st

Join Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel in the Zoom Room on June 21 at 10 a.m. as author Julie Zuckerman joins us to discuss THE BOOK OF JEREMIAH, her moving and engrossing debut of a novel-in-stories. THE BOOK OF JEREMIAH, tells the story of the awkward but endearing Jeremiah Gerstler—the son of Jewish immigrants, brilliant political science professor, husband and father.

Spanning eight decades and interwoven with the Jewish experience of the 20th century, Julie Zuckerman charts Jeremiah’s life from boyhood, through service in WWII, to marriage and children, a professorship and finally retirement, with compassion, honesty, and a respect that even Gerstler himself would find touching. ​ The story shares loss, trouble, sorrow, and suffering, but the thirteen stories are also laced with love, forgiveness, hope, and optimism.

Rabbi Tecktiel and Ms. Zuckerman will show us that the story of Jeremiah may also be about salvation. Please join Rabbi Tecktiel and Ms. Zuckerman. Friends and family always welcome.

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