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Mitzvahs come in all sizes and shapes and you never know when you will have an opportunity to "

It's those daily little things that our members are so good at. Let's hear from you when you do that mitzvah, see a mitzvah, know that there is a need for a mitzvah!

Grocery Shopping Mitzvah:

It has been crazy to shop at the grocery stores and big box stores the last few days and particularly if you keep a kosher household, meat and poultry have been hard to come by. In Green Valley our members who use kosher meat and poultry shop at Winco, Trader Joes and Costco. The Doctors family adheres to a strict practice of always leaving a few items on the shelf. Steven Doctors shared that on an early morning TJ run, he found himself standing in front of the meat counter at Trader Joes/Eastern with 3 other people collecting kosher meat for their households. They eyed each other, nodded, and each took what they would need for the week, acknowledging that "we better leave something for our friends."

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