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Getting Ready to Start a New Tractate of the Talmud

For well over fifteen years MKT has maintained a weekly Talmud class. In the time that I have been here we have tackled the tractate of Pesachim (all about Pesach), the 57 most important Sugyot(sections) in the Talmud, the Tractate Baba Metzia ( all about returning lost objects, trustees, borrowers and bailees) and Tractate Megillah (which dealt mostly with Purim and all of its rites and rituals). Well we are about to finish Megillah and we are going to start a whole new Tractate. If you have been on the fence about joining the class because you didn’t want to jump in while we were in the middle of a Tractate, now is the time to hop on the study train.

Starting after Thanksgiving we will begin the Tractate known as Berachot. Berachot, meaning blessings, deals with all the different prayers and benedictions we recite. There are lots of wonderful tangents and sidetracks that make Berachot one of the more interesting Tractates.

No prior knowledge of Talmud is needed. The texts are available in English.

We meet every Tuesday at 10 AM.

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