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Book Club meets 9/17; did you read the book?

Interweaving the stories of Susanna and Sara, and their families, "And After the Fire," by Lauren Belfer, is the next read for Midbar Kodesh Temple's monthly book club, meeting at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 17. The novel, which received the inaugural Book Club Award of the 2016 National Jewish Book Awards, traverses over 200 years of history, from the eighteenth century through the Holocaust and into today. It seamlessly melds the past and present, real and imagined in a powerful and passionate novel inspired by historical events about two women and the mysterious choral masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach that changes both of their lives. Lauren Belfer's deeply researched, evocative, and compelling narrative resonates with emotion and immediacy. You can purchase the book at here.

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