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MKT members receive yellow candles

Men's Club members box yellow candles

Midbar Kodesh Temple members have received a yellow yarhzeit candle in the mail. The annual gift is sent to each member by MKT's Men's Club. The Yellow Candle project was created in 1981 by the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs in Canada and New England and since has been distributed by Men's Clubs throughout the world to help congregations remember the victims whose entire families had been destroyed during the Holocaust. The candle reminds all that while the world was thrown into darkness, God's light unto the nations flickered but did not die.

The memorial candles, modeled after a traditional Jewish yahrzeit candle are made of yellow wax in remembrance of the yellow stars and yellow arm bands forced upon European Jews in the 1930's.

Midbar Kodesh Temple Men's Club asks synagogue members to return a donation in any amount to their organization to help support Men's Club synagogue programming. At Midbar Kodesh Temple the Men's Club builds the sukkah. Each year they host a Sukkot BBQ and during the year they host several BBQ picnics for the congregation. The World Wide Wrap is also sponsored by MKT Men's Club. They maintain the prayer books and the sefrei Torah from a special fund. Men's club has also made scholarship gifts available to campers and USYers.

For more information on Men's Club at Midbar Kodesh Temple, the Conservative synagogue in Green Valley Ranch, go to: or call the synagogue at 702.454.4848 and ask for MKT Men's Club President David Gavrin.

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