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MKT's Family Circle

Midbar Kodesh Temple's "Family Circle," a new program for families with young children will host their second program on April 7 at 6 p.m. at the home of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Sondra and Alan Pariser. The first gathering, held earlier in March, introduced lessons in parenting in the Jewish tradition. Guests enjoyed dinner together and shared discussions led by Midbar's Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel and Wendy Roselinsky. At the April session, which includes a dairy dinner, Rabbi and Wendy will share resources to help make the Passover Seder with young children, inclusive and enjoyable to the entire family.

For more information on the April 7 meeting of Midbar Kodesh Temple's "Family Circle," call the MKT Early Childhood Center at 702.454.4848.

Look for this article in the March 25, 2016 edition of the Las Vegas Israelite.

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