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100th Day of Captivity

Sunday, January 14, 2024, will mark the 100th day of captivity since October 7th. One hundred thirty-six men, women, and children, including an infant, remain hostages to the terrorist regime in Gaza. It has been a hundred days since families received any proof of life or updates regarding the condition of their beloved captives. Some of you might be aware that Hersh Goldberg Polin, son of my high school friends Jonathan Polin and Rachel Goldberg, was taken by Hamas on October 7th.


Original: Severely injured by a grenade, he was captured alive on film while being transported from the Nova concert into the Gaza Strip.


Since that dire moment, Rachel and Jon have dedicated themselves tirelessly to raising global awareness about this hostage situation. Despite their relentless efforts, they have yet to persuade the International Red Cross to gain access to the hostages for an assessment of Hersh's health status. Nevertheless, they steadfastly refuse to relinquish hope for Hersh's safe return, alongside that of all the hostages, back to Israel. Each passing day erodes this optimism.


There exist various approaches they've employed to garner attention for this dire situation. I wish to challenge our congregation to engage with one such method. Each day, Rachel shares a video on the internet, providing up dates on their family's well-being and suggesting ways to offer support. Additionally, every day, she marks the passage of time since October 7th by writing the day on a piece of masking tape. With Sunday, January 14th marking the 100th day, I implore everyone to obtain a piece of masking tape, inscribe the number "100" using a black Sharpie, affix it to the front of your shirt, capture a selfie (or request someone to take the picture for you), and share it on Instagram using the hashtags #Bring_Hersh_Home and #BringThemHomeNow. If you lack an Instagram account or are uncertain about posting with hashtags, you can send the picture to me either by text at 702.439.0445 or via email at, and I will post it on your behalf.


This small yet meaningful gesture will demonstrate to the Polin-Goldbergs the vast support they have, along with showing solidarity with all families whose loved ones endure captivity in Gaza.


Shabbat Shalom.


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