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World Wide Wrap 2023

Midbar Kodesh Temple Mens' Club joins the Federation of Mens Clubs across the world in the Mitzvah of Tefillin. Each year, on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, Midbar students, men and women are invited to join together in this educational and spiritual experience. Cantor Raquel Gershon and Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel and several members of the Mens Club are on hand to teach exactly how it is done.

Tefillin are a pair of black leather boxes containing Hebrew parchment scrolls. A set includes two Tefillin—one for the head and one for the arm. Each consists of three main components: the scrolls, the box and the strap. The scrolls are inserted into boxes made of leather that have been painted black. The Tefillin are worn for Shacharit morning service. First thing in the day the leather cables connect the head, the heart and the hand to remind us to follow God's commandments.


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