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Mazel Tov Sara and The Sherman Family

Sara Rose Sherman will be called to the Torah at Midbar Kodesh Temple this weekend. She is the daughter of Midbar members Stacy and Gillee Sherman, and sister to Emily and Hannah. Her grandparents are Debbie and Daniel Mallut, Michael and Erica Mittleman, and Alan and Rachel Sherman. Family and friends will be celebrating Sara in person and on Zoom, locally and from Los Angeles, Idaho, and Israel.

Sara is a 7th grader at a local middle school, currently being home schooled. Her favorite subject is Math. She is an awesome student who has done amazing this past year especially given the difficulties of pivoting to a home school environment. As an active club soccer player, she spends much time on the field and at practice. Sara is interested in continuing to play soccer through her school years. After, she hopes to do a soldier abroad program with the IDF and hopes to continue studies in Israel during the college years.

Sara feels that we can make a difference through community and Tzedakah. As B'nei Mitzvah students, the teens will explore and select projects together. They will use a $1,000.00 contribution from the David L. Simon Foundation to fund the projects they select together as members of the Simon Foundation Junior Board.

During the summer Sara attends Catalina Island Camp, where she loves to do all the water activities, including power boating, and travels to visit family in Israel. On her first Israel summer trip, Sara came to understand the needs of the people at "Ohel Sarah Institute for the Special Child." She chose Ohel Sarah as her Mitzvah Project and will be sharing information on the work that they do. To date, Sara has raised almost $1800 to send to the non-profit organization which is dedicated to the care and development of over 300 children, young people, and adults with minor, moderate or severe learning disabilities . Those enrolled in Ohel Sarah's schools are provided with sheltered living accommodations, employment centers and are taught life skills they will use to become more independent.

If you would like to learn more about Ohel Sarah or donate to Sara Sherman's project go to:

Go to: to make a donation to Ohel Sarah or you can make donations directly to Midbar Kodesh Temple for this project. Just note on your check that your donation is for Sara Sherman's project and after her Bat Mitzvah, a check will be given to Sara to send to Ohel Sarah.


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