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Lech Lecha – Go Forth - Solidarity with Israel

Many of us have been struggling with the best ways to support Israel during these dangerous and troubling times. We attend vigils and rallies, and we search for organizations where we can direct funds.

I too have been grappling with what I can do, aside from offering prayers and thoughts. I decided to follow in the footsteps of Abraham and heed the call of this week’s Torah portion Lech Lecha, go forth, to a land that I will show you. On Tuesday, I booked a flight on El Al to visit Israel as part of a Rabbinic Solidarity Minyan. I will depart on Sunday, November 12, and return on Friday, November 17th. During our visit, we will seek to assist in various ways. We will meet with individuals who have family members still held captive in Gaza, as well as families with children on the front lines. We will likely attend shiva minyans for those who have been lost in battle or captivity. Additionally, we will visit soldiers on the Gaza border and the Lebanese border to convey the message of support from the American Jewish community.

In the upcoming days, I will reach out to you to collect items to bring to Israel and share with those we meet. I am not certain about the most immediate needs, but I will keep everyone informed. Sometimes, all it takes is a LV Raiders hat or VGK t-shirt.

Rest assured that we will prioritize safety, and I will, of course, provide daily updates from the ground in Israel.

Shabbat Shalom


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