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It’s Really Our Honor

In the week or so, you will receive our annual High Holiday packet. It has all the information you will need to have a meaningful, spiritual and enjoyable holiday season. One thing that you will find in the packet that often gets overlooked is the Honor Request sheet. At MKT we pride ourselves on getting as many people to participate in services as possible. One of the beautiful customs we have is to announce the name(s) of those having an honor. In keeping with our theme of embracing inclusivity, we want to make sure everyone takes advantage of signing up for an honor. We know that sometimes people are shy about having a speaking honor, either in Hebrew or in English, so we incorporate many non-speaking honors like ark openings/closings and torah lifting/bindings. We also know that for many there is a specific window of time that you will be at the service and an early or late honor may not be feasible. We will do everything we can to accommodate.

Whether you have had an honor in the past or not, this year make sure to fill out the honor sheet either on paper or online at

We look forward to sharing in the experience of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur worship together.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel


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