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Emilio and Sarit Montoya, with their children Ahmi and Noah, recently joined Midbar Kodesh Temple. They moved to the Las Vegas valley in 2017 from Denver, Colorado.

For 24 years Emilio has been a store manager for Sherwin Williams and continues his work with that national company in Las Vegas. Sarit was a Senior Clerk in the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.

The children started their Jewish school adventure at the Pre-School at Hebrew Education Alliance in Denver and from Kindergarten until their move to Las Vegas studied at the Denver Jewish Day School. They both attended the Las Vegas Yeshiva Day School and are now home schooled under Sarit's supervision. The family enjoys spending time with friends and family and like to travel, looking forward to returning to that past time after the pandemic.

Sarit said that they chose to join Midbar Kodesh Temple because "we heard really good things about the synagogue and the members. After speaking with Rabbi Tecktiel, we felt that this would be a great place to plant our roots." Sarit said that the Rabbi "is very kind, and very welcoming." Ahmi will begin studying with Rabbi Tecktiel and the B'nei Mitzvah Class and become a Bar Mitzvah later this year. Next year, Noah will do the same.

Sarit said that they "are eager to meet new people, and become one with the Temple." As soon as we can safely be together, Midbar Kodesh Temple members look forward to embracing them as well.


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