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Mitzvah Minyan

Life for many Midbar Kodesh Temple congregants has been upended due to the on-going pandemic. So many of us depend on structure and now it seems that every day is different for so many. But a group of congregants have successfully been putting some structure back into the lives of the congregation. Each Sunday, Monday, and Thursday they share a mitzvah by ensuring the presence of a morning weekday minyan for the membership through Zoom. This selfless gesture enables those who desire to recite kaddish for a loved one to do so. Blessings and prayer help us begin the day with the structure that is so absent from our daily lives. It can restore peace to those who seek it.

Could we have ever imagined that Judaism would move online to keep us all connected? This successful endeavor, an act of kindness by many, comes to us at a time when sha'at hadehak, a crisis situation, is occurring where gathering a minyan is not possible without risk to human life. The current coronavirus pandemic constitutes an extraordinary situation. The dedicated and creative among us turned to Zoom which enables at least 10 people to see and hear one another and to respond at the appropriate times. Midbar Kodesh Temple's minyan is strong but can be stronger still with your participation from you own home. This mitzvah, this kind gesture, can help you and others put structure back into your day and maybe peace into your hearts. Find Midbar's minyan on Zoom at 9 a.m. on Sundays, and 8:00 a.m. on Monday and Thursday. See you online?

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