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Becky and Jeff Lewis spend a lot of time around Midbar Kodesh Temple

Becky and Jeff Lewis spend a lot of time around Midbar Kodesh Temple, as they have 2 active young daughters who are graduates of the ECC and are currently enrolled in MKT's Religious School. During the summers,

Olive and Ella were among the free spirits enrolled in Camp Shemesh. Becky, arrived in Las Vegas with her Atlantic City, New Jersey family in 1986. Jeff, who says he has no other memory except Las Vegas, came with his family in 1979 from Los Angeles. Becky is the daughter of Arte and Kathleen Nathan, and Judie and Neal Lewis are Jeff's parents. Jeff is brother to Shira and Adam Wood and uncle to their children. Becky and Jeff met at Wynn Resorts where they were both employed. They were married in 2009.

Becky graduated from UNLV, spent 24 years in hospitality with Wynn Resorts and now runs a skincare business. She is also in the process of starting her own Personal Organization Company – “Calm in Chaos.” Becky has served on the MKT ECC PTO, is on the Membership committee and is currently Midbar Kodesh Temple's Programming and Volunteer Coordinator.

Jeff graduated from the University of Arizona works at NV Energy where he is responsible for physical and cyber security. He started attending Midbar right when it opened, almost 25 years ago. He would be the watchful eye of Mark Goldstein and Gail Alcalay's young foursome and remembers getting pulled from babysitting the Goldstein kids to be sure there were enough people to make Minyan for Saturday services. The Lewis’ love to spend time outdoors as a family...hiking, biking, swimming, walking the 3 dogs and taking vacations to the beach in San Diego and the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. Becky remembers attending services with Jeff and her in-laws-to-be more than 12 years ago. They have been members since 2015.

"We love Midbar," said Becky. "Our kids have been fortunate to spend all their early years running the halls of the building. Everything about MKT feels like family," she said. Becky and Jeff want to continue to help the synagogue in any way possible and watch their girls continue to grow as the synagogue grows. They look forward to seeing them start their Bat Mitzvah studies. Jeff and Becky feel so lucky to have weathered this recent storm and are excited to get to see friends and come together again. "Our hope is that we always remember the great things we learned during quarantine. We don’t need to go out all the time and over-schedule our lives. Staying home and healthy with the people we love is really all we could ever want."

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