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Members of Midbar Kodesh Temple since 2011 Linda and Haskell Deutsch

Members of Midbar Kodesh Temple since 2011 Linda and Haskell Deutsch were born and

raised in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Las Vegas in 2000, with stops along the way in New Jersey and South Florida. They are both retired and now play video poker professionally.

Linda was a systems analyst for a publishing company. Haskell was a director of claims and insurance in the maritime industry. They have 2 adult children. Jeff is the director of the Seminary Co-op bookstore in Chicago and Erica is a local Las Vegas artist. Two grandchildren, Coby and Willow, live in Las Vegas and attend local schools.

Haskell is a huge Golden Knights fan. He and Linda enjoy playing bridge and working crossword puzzles. Haskell and Rabbi Tecktiel often discuss the New York Times puzzle at breakfast after morning minyan. Haskell enjoys being the regular Torah reader and leading the weekday minyan. He is also a member of the Ritual Committee. Haskell and Linda say that they " love the MKT community, whose members are warm, friendly and accepting." They look forward to resuming regular face to face activities in the near future. "We are inspired by the dedication of Rabbi Tecktiel and Cantor Gale as they continue to provide leadership during this difficult time. In the interim, we wish everyone peace and good health."

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