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Torah Dedication at Midbar Kodesh Temple

Midbar Kodesh Temple is pleased to dedicate a Torah presented on loan to the synagogue by Paul S. Pariser. Paul is the father of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Alan D. Pariser and his wife Sondra L. Pariser, and grandfather to their children, former Midbar ECC students Staci Mia Pariser & Aroura Rubi Pariser. The dedication will take place on Saturday morning, January 25 at 9:00 a.m. The Torah was written in memory of P

aul's parents Michael “Mickey” Pariser and Dora Ethel Pariser by Paul, his brother Dr. Bertram Pariser, and their children and grandchildren.

The Pariser Family Torah was commissioned and scribed in Israel by Rabbi Broiner, and has been at Ohr Simcha Synagogue in Bethesda, Maryland from October 2013, until just recently when it was brought to Henderson to be dedicated at Midbar Kodesh Temple.

Paul S. Pariser was a general contractor throughout the ‘lower 48’ for more than 50 years. He resides in Big Sky, Montana and attends Beth Jacob in San Diego, California. Mr. Pariser frequently visits the “Vegas Parisers” and has attended services at Midbar many times over the past several years. During those visits, he came to know that Midbar Kodesh Temple was in need of another Torah, and was pleased to lend this Torah to the synagogue. Dr. Bertram Pariser and his family, who live in New York, New York also felt that Midbar Kodesh Temple was a good "home" for their family Torah.

Michael and Dora Pariser lived in Long Beach, Long Island, New York raising their children as Orthodox Jews. The Torah is a fitting memorial to their parents who dedicated their lives to Judaism, education and Tzedakah.

The Pariser Family and Cousin Susan Heifitz invite you to join them for the Torah Dedication and a kiddish luncheon following morning services on January 25 at 9:00 a.m.

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