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Midbar Kodesh Temple’s Sr. USYers participated in the Children’s Heart Foundation

Midbar Kodesh Temple’s Sr. USYers recently participated in the Children’s Heart Foundation "Adopt a Family" program. They shopped and wrapped gifts for their adopted family and then participated in a project called "CJ’s Traveling Heart Healing Cards for Kids" where they wrote positive messages of support to children that will be delivered to local hospitals.

The holidays are a special time filled with holiday meals spent with family, get-togethers with friends, and shopping for loved ones. But for families of children with complex heart conditions, the holidays can also be a stressful time due to the financial hardship and the emotional fatigue felt when caring for a sick child. The Children’s Heart Foundation’s annual "Adopt A Family" program alleviates this financial and emotional stress felt by providing assistance with the holidays and allowing parents to focus on creating joyful holiday memories with their families.

Sharon Diamond who is helping coordinate activities for MKT USY with advisor Sarah Lev, shared that Midbar member Steve Eisen is the CEO of Children’s Heart Center, and the Children’s Heart Foundation is the foundation arm that was created to further assist these families. Sharon said that "as charities go, this organization is small but mighty, much like our own MKT." For more information visit and

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