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Midbar Kodesh Temple to partner with the Las Vegas Raider’s Stadium to sponsor a Kosher concession stand at the new Stadium. The concession will open late August of 2020 to coincide with the first pre-Season games at the stadium. All profits from the concession will go directly back to Midbar Kodesh Temple. We will need members of the synagogue to volunteer to work at the concession as cooks, register managers, dishwashers and seat runners. The concession will feature our Las Vegas JCC award winning Ribs, Brisket and Baked Beans. After many years of watching Ryan Sterling and Mike Murdock prepare the award winning dishes, soon to be retired Alan Roselinsky and Randy Spoor have agreed to take on this new venture as their own.

Speaking to the Review Journal about the new venture, President of the synagogue and life-long NY Jets fan, Marco Villanueva shared, “It is the perfect fit for us. There are no Friday night or Shabbat games unless the Raiders make the playoffs, and you know that is never gonna happen.”

The name of the concession will be Raiders Schmaiders.

Menu items to include:

Rabbi Brad’s Beer Battered Bratwursts Cantor Dan’s Deep Fried Dill Pickles Wendy Roselinsky’s Ratatouille (vegan) Candice’s Capellini Casserole

Felte’s Filet-o-Fish Spivak’s Spanakopita The Blaszczyk – A non-dairy Blizzard dessert On Tap will be HeBrew Beer and Slivovitz

Food will all be under the direct Kosher Supervision of Rabbi Passia De Treif

For more information, please contact Andrew Spivak at

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