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Kayla Klein to be called to the Torah at Midbar Kodesh Temple

Kayla Rose Klein, daughter of Midbar Kodesh Temple members Rita and Perry Klein, will be called to the Torah at Midbar Kodesh Temple in January. A 7th grader, Kayla will be joined in celebration by family and friends including her grandparents Florence and Ronald Schassburger from Chicago, Illinois and Nanette and Peter Klein from Brooklyn, New York.

Kayla is very athletic, enjoying Jazz and Contemporary Dance, BMX Riding and Basketball. A broken wrist has kept her temporarily sidelined but she hopes to play on her school's Basketball team next year. Her dog Hazel is counted among her best friends. She shows a great love for all animals and children, looking forward to and enjoying babysitting jobs.

Kayla spends time with the kids at Nevada Youth Network, a non-profit organization devoted to service, empowerment, and leadership training for Nevada's youth. NYN operates two youth centers in partnership with the Southern Nevada Housing Authority where volunteers provide homework help and extracurricular activities to the young residents of Sherman Gardens Annex and Marble Manor. Kayla joins her parents in this special on-going Mitzvah project, providing food and clothing to the children and helping them with homework and studies and being mentors to the youth through quality time spent there with each visit.

Kayla attended Camp Alonim last summer, giving her the opportunity to live her Judaism in a peer setting. She has been committed to learning Hebrew and studying her Haftarah and looks forward to leading the congregation at her Bat Mitzvah.

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