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"The Bridal Chair," by Gloria Goldreich is next up for Book Club at Midbar Kodesh

Midbar Kodesh Temple's monthly book club features selections of contemporary, award winning writings, that appeal to all generations. Please share this info with others who would enjoy participating. Stop in once, or become a regular. Everyone is invited. No charge.

Filled with fascinating details about the art world and colorful real-life characters, "The

Bridal Chair," by Gloria Goldreich, is brimming with historic personalities from Europe, America and Israel and is a stunning portrait of love, fortitude and the sharp divide between art and real life as seen through the eyes of the loyal and protective daughter of Marc Chagall. Midbar Kodesh Temple's monthly book club will feature a discussion on "The Bridal Chair" on Sunday, December 2 at 10:00 a.m.

In her review, Francine Klagsburn, a Jewish Week columnist, said that Ida Chagall, the only daughter of Marc Chagall, is blossoming in the Paris art world beyond her father's controlling gaze. But her newfound independence is short-lived. In Nazi-occupied Paris, Chagall's status as a Jewish artist has made them all targets, yet his devotion to his art blinds him to their danger. When Ida falls in love and Chagall angrily paints an empty wedding chair (The Bridal Chair) in response, she faces an impossible choice: Does she fight to forge her own path outside her father's shadow, or abandon her ambitions to save Chagall from his enemies and himself? Klagsburn says that "with a mesmerizing plot, elegant images, and a remarkable heroine, the story will remain with you long after the last page." For more information on the monthly book club at Midbar Kodesh Temple contact chairperson Ileen Spoor at

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