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Students return to Midbar Kodesh Religious School (and welcome new students too!)

“It was so fun to be back with my Religious school friends. I was excited to see Moreh Mitch too!" Jacob Cherry

Students recently returned to Midbar Kodesh Temple Religious School and many echoed the opinion of Jacob Cherry who said that "it was so fun to be back with my religious school friends!" Jacob, who spent part of his summer at Camp Alonim, also said that he was excited to see Moreh Mitch, referring to Mitch Karpp who returns to the religious school teaching staff and will work with 3 of the age groups. Moreh Mitch also teaches at Las Vegas High School as well as Mesivta Las Vegas. Karpp is joined by Sivan Gavish, Suzanne Greenberg and Daniella Mizrahi. Morah Sivan was recently named as Midbar Kodesh Temple's United Synagogue Youth group advisor, and Morah Suzanne works at the Early Childhood Center at Midbar Kodesh Temple each day. Morah Daniella recently joined the staff.

Cantor Daniel Gale is the Religious School Director at Midbar Kodesh Temple and has designed a curriculum that teaches Hebrew language, Jewish culture, history and Jewish values, a love for Israel and modern life skills through music, folklore, art and stories. The students are inspired to connect to each other, and Jews around the Las Vegas valley, across America, in Israel and around the world, instilling pride in their great heritage.

Through Tikkun Olam projects they are inspired to build a better world.

Religious School at Midbar Kodesh Temple hosts classes for pre-schoolers, kindergarten students and first graders with more formal instruction beginning with grade 2. Bar and Bat Mitzvah students receive classroom and personal training as well as sessions with Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel. Ma'ayan is a post B'nei Mitzvah class with Rabbi Tecktiel that connects the Jewish teen to contemporary issues.

For more information on Religious School and Bar and Bat Mitzvah training at Midbar Kodesh Temple contact Cantor Gale at 702.454.4848 or go to

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