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Sometimes it is sad to see what it takes to unite the Jewish community.

As a Jewish community, we are far from monolithic on any subject or topic. We have Jews representing every spectrum of politics, religion, Israel and culture. Even issues of social policy divide our community, sometimes violently. So, when an issue other than anti-Semitism comes along that seems to unite EVERYONE, you know it must be something important.

Immigration policy in the United States is one of those issues that creates a divide not only in our country, but among the Jewish community. There are Jews on the left, right and center of the issue that feel passionately about it and sense that they know what is right for the country. I dare not espouse my own personal opinion too loudly out of concern for alienating one group or another, or ideally both.

But there is one issue that has come to the fray this week and last week that everyone in the Jewish community agrees on. The separation of immigrant parents and children at the border is immoral, unethical, abhorrent and down -right un-American. Last week leadership of over twenty-nine Jewish organizations in the U.S. signed a letter to the President stating this very opinion. Noticeably missing from the signatures was that of the leadership of the Orthodox Union. In fact, last week the Orthodox Union invited U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to speak at one of their gatherings. Many in the community were upset that they OU leadership did not press AG Sessions on the issue of separating families at the border. OU responded that they addressed the issue with him privately. This week, OU signed onto the original letter from the other twenty-nine organizations making it one of the most broadly agreed upon sentiments put out by the Jewish community, as one community, in many years.

We have an obligation as a community to speak out against this horrific policy. The current administrations continued attempts to deflect blame and justify the policy only serve to exacerbate the problem. Take action now and call or write to your U.S. Representative and Senators and ask them to stop this policy immediately.

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