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Why We Give

For more than twenty years, Midbar Kodesh Temple has been a part of the lives of my family. For happy events and for sad ones, Midbar Kodesh Temple has been there. I hope that the tradition continues and that the next generation of Rabens and Grisars celebrate their happy events at Midbar Kodesh. That is why we give.

The funeral of my first husband, the father of my children, was the first funeral held at Midbar Kodesh, almost twenty-two years ago. The love and support that my sons and I received was so special that all my family and friends that came from out of town noticed. The warmth and kindness of the community was there years ago. It still feels that way to me today. That is why we give.

When I sit in the synagogue with my children and grandchildren, I feel the connection to my parents and grandparents. I feel the connection of generation to generation that I hope they will feel too. I hope it is something they will always want to be a part of. That is why we give.

-The Raben-Grisar Family

We ask you to think about what Midbar Kodesh Temple means to you and your family, and why YOU give to Midbar Kodesh. It's not too early to make your High Holidays gift. Go to to give today and support Jewish life and learning in Southern Nevada.

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