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The Connection Between Prayer and Healing

There have been many studies done on the efficacy of prayer and healing. The power of reciting tefilot or prayers while we are ill has been shown to aid in the healing process. Just the knowledge that there are people out there praying for one’s health has been shown to help those suffering from pain and illness.

Our tradition emphasizes the notion of blessings of healing through words in the Amidah and even the special mishaberach for the sick that we recite whenever the Torah is read.

This coming Friday night we are going to devote the entire Friday night service toward words of caring and healing. We will keep the essence of the Friday night service, but will add music, songs, prayers and English readings that focus on strength and well-being. Perhaps it is you, or someone you know who could use an extra boost at this time. Please join us this Friday night August 11th.

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