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Tikkun Olam - How Can You Help?

School is out! You would know this just by the looks of excitement on the faces of my kids and their friends. No more early wake-ups, homework, papers and constant extra-curricular activities.

But not everyone is so excited about school being out. For those kids who are homeless and/or food insecure, it is a particularly difficult time of the year. A recent study said that more than 62% of children in the Clark County School District receive free and reduced-price meals during the school year. But what about summer break?

Luckily there are programs that most of us do not even know exist to help this growing population. Every day at dozens of sites around Clark County, anyone up to the age of 18 can show up and get a free hot meal. There are two programs in town.

The first is facilitated through the Las Vegas Clark County Library District. Called ‘Meet Up And Eat Clark County’, the program ensures kids get nutritious meals during the summer break at several library locations around the county. The libraries work in partnership with Three Square.

The second is funded by the USDA and has many locations around the city where kids and teens can turn for meals over the summer.

Hunger in Clark County is not just consigned to the youth. It is not even relegated to the non-Jewish community. Just this past month the Jewish Family Service Food pantry served over 400 clients.

A couple of months ago MKT partnered with JFSA to collect food for their pantry in the weeks before Passover. We tried a new and unique way of getting food to them. Instead of going to the grocery store and buying non-perishable items and bringing them to a drop-off box at MKT or the JSFA office, we set it up so that you could go online to Amazon and have things shipped directly to JFSA.

They are looking once again to stock their pantry over the summer and you can help.

Simply go to

Pick some items and use the JFSA Address below:

Jewish Family Service Agency

2309B Renaissance Dr.

Las Vegas NV 89119

As part of one of our 52 Shabbats program on June 23rd Ken Moskowitz, the President and CEO of Jewish Family Service of Las Vegas will speak about the organization and the many services they offer to the community.

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