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Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center students make a splash and raise funds

The Early Childhood Center at Midbar Kodesh Temple takes pride in teaching students to be proactive in Social Action/Tikkun Olam projects and during the year they learn the importance of hands on participation in building a better world. Each year, their SATO projects culminate with the all school car wash as the big finale. And what a splash that car wash makes with the students, parents and friends of the ECC! This year their car wash and bake sale raised over $650.00 and that will be split between two of their favorite organizations, "Peggy's Attic" and the "Ian Somerhalder Foundation."

"Peggy's Attic" is the donation center for Clark County Department of Family Services, serving all children touched by the Family Courts by providing clothing, shoes, toys, diapers, toiletry items, developmental toys, school supplies, and many other items free of charge. This not for profit facility is run by volunteers and relies solely on the donations from the community. Midbar Kodesh Temple's Summer Camp 2016 headed up a successful back to school supplies project for them at the end of lastsummer and looks forward to doing the same at the end of Summer Camp 2017. Miss Val's and Miss Katie's class voted on how to spend the money their teams raised.

ISF was founded and named for actor Ian Somerhalder to advance science by promoting the conservation of forests, lands, and wildlife and other activities that benefit the entire communities. ISF engages youth to provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged and empowers human action through programs and collaborations that promote education, innovation and builds skills in empathy and effective leadership.

In preparing for the ECC's SATO project the children learned about these organizations and followed up the day wearing red noses in honor of Red Nose Day, a global campaign to raise awareness and money for impoverished children across the world.

For more information about the Early Childhood Center at Midbar Kodesh Temple contact director Wendy Roselinsky at 702.454.4848. Summer Camp 2017 and fall registration are now underway.

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