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The Shiniest Shining Stars

Some of Midbar Kodesh Temple's shiniest shining stars are some of our smallest and youngest members. This was a busy weekend at Midbar Kodesh Temple and Religious School, and in preparation for the Tu B'Shevat celebration, Corinne and Lainee Villanueva, Kindergarten and ECC students, joined their mom and dad and a few others in setting the tables for over 100 expected guests.

The next day found those 100+ guests spread out all over the social hall and front patio area eating lunch, creating art and planting Parsley For Passover seeds. USYer Elizabeth Doctors brought her camera and announced for all to hear..."I love those babies" and snapped away during the festivities. And it was 4th grader Jacob Cherry who stepped forward to help the children with their planting. Last time we saw Jacob he was wiping off the patio tables and trying to get the freshly planted seed pots out of the rain. Several younger children helped him accomplish the task!

Midbar Kodesh Temple loves all our volunteers, but when we see our children pitching in to help others, our hearts glow even warmer!

The clergy, staff and volunteer leadership of Midbar Kodesh Temple want to thank all of our volunteers this weekend. Please help us thank Elyse Greene, the hosts of Guess Who's Coming to Shabbos?, Abbie and Marco Villanueva, Marcy and Jerry Welt, Ileen and Randy Spoor, Sondra Pariser, Heather and Byron Brooks, Heidi Stidham, David Schwartz, Lisa Rosenberg, Sherri Sweezy, Susan Tecktiel, Elizabeth Doctors, Steven Doctors, Georgia Ames and all of our USY Students who helped clean up the grounds. We could not have made this weekend's programming happen without your tremendous help!

Do you want to volunteer? Have an idea for programming or an initiative at Midbar Kodesh Temple? Call or email Andrew Spivak at 702-355-5695 or

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