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Ramah Israel Bike Ride

We did it! We signed up for a multiple day Bike ride in Israel. This particular Bike ride is to raise funds for the International Ramah Camps’ Special needs programs. The Ramah camps around the world host unique camp sessions for children and adults with disabilities. Many of you know that my wife Susan runs Camp Yofi which is Camp Ramah Darom’s Family Camp for families with children with autism. Camp Ramah Darom, like several other Ramah camps around the country, have other programs that allow children and adults with special needs to come to camp without their parents and be integrated into the regular camp session. Some Ramah camps even have vocational programs for those who have aged out of being campers.

I have seen first-hand the incredible work that these camps do for children and adults with special needs. As you can imagine, the financial resources need to support this type of camping is often prohibitive and the camps rely heavily on specific donations toward special needs camping. One of the sources of this funding is the Ramah Israel Bike Ride. The event is held every two years. Two years ago they were able to raise over $450,000 for scholarships and programming.

In May, Ed Pack, Michael Bell and I, will be traveling to Israel to participate in the Ramah Israel Bike Ride. There are also several people from the Temple Beth Sholom community that will be participating.

We are turning to you to help in our fundraising efforts. Below are the links to our individual pages. Please consider sponsoring one or all of us. No amount is too small.

Here is a video from last summer at Camp Yofi.

Rabbi Bradley Tecktiel

Ed Pack

Mike Bell

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