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Why We Give: The Goussak Family

I have always had a great sense of direction! Place me in the middle of any new city, and I am invigorated by the challenge of finding my way within what some would view as uncertainty and chaos. This ‘bring it on’ approach has admittedly served me well in so many aspects across the years, yet I must openly share, that this past year, I have found myself feeling lost.

The Goussak Family

Do not get me wrong, this is not the first time in my life, that I have fallen off course (those college years and early twenties can tell of many such stories). Yet this is the first time, when I have had so much uncertainty in determining the right direction. At one time, the fork in the road led to ‘A’ or ‘B’, yet now, the choices are more complicated. Now the choices are rooted in deeper discussions, pertaining to not just who I am, but also where I want be.

I wish I could tell you that I have answered these questions for myself, but I am still searching. I am still trying to define my legacy. I can share, however, one point of certainty, and that is the lessons there are to be gained from each experience across our travels, positive and negative. The experiences define who we are, and without us always being aware, chart where we are meant to be.

So without hesitation, I can say I am meant to be part of Midbar Kodesh Temple. Even as I write these words, I am filled with emotion. Yes, there are moments of frustration – the kind you gain from raising a child – yet at the end of the day, there remains unconditional love and pride.

And there really is so much of which to be proud! In the past six months alone, we have opened ourselves to our community, growing our membership by over 10%. We have expanded programming beyond our walls; we are meeting people on their terms and letting them define what meets their spiritual needs. It is a new concept for synagogue outreach, and it is working. On any given day, or during any given program, the energy in the building is electrifying. You felt it this past year, during multiple events such as Craig Taubman, and BBQ&Brew, and it promises to become even stronger in the months ahead. From our ECC, to Club Kehillah, Religious School, USY, Young Leadership, Family Circle, Adult Education, Men’s Club, Hazak, and so much more, we are truly a multi-generational, vibrant community.

This energy – this vibrancy – however comes at a cost. Everything worth having, takes hours of hard work, dedication and yes, you guessed it, financial support. I know that each of us travels upon our own paths, looking for meaning. Yet at Midbar Kodesh our paths converge. It is where we are all meant to be. It is where we are all meant to participate, and it is where we are all meant to give. As we head into this High Holiday season, please consider what you give – in time, talent and treasure. Consider your appeal pledge from last year, and find all those reasons why you should consider giving even more.

Know this support is far more than financial; it is spiritual, and helps strengthen your special connection to Midbar Kodesh. You can visit to make your contribution online today.

Within each of our quests to find direction, there is comfort in knowing Midbar will serve as a strong directional and unifying compass. Thank you for sharing with me in the journey. L’Shana Tova!

Cindy Goussak

President, Midbar Kodesh Temple

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