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Midbar Kodesh Temple announces The Layni & Scott Rothbort Judaic College Scholarship

Midbar Kodesh Temple is proud to announce The Layni & Scott Rothbort Judaic College Scholarship as the newest addition to the portfolio of scholarships available to young adults and students of Midbar Kodesh Temple member families.

The scholarship of up to $360 is available to any student taking a course in a Jewish related subject, Hebrew or Yiddish (but not a self-directed independent study) at an accredited college or university.

The deadline to apply is April 13, 2017. The scholarship can be applied to either the Fall or Spring semester, and all payments will be made in June. The winner will be determined from a committee comprised of one member of the Rothbort family, the Rabbi and a member at large to be determined by the President. If no one qualifies, the scholarship will roll over to the next academic year.

This scholarship is generously funded by Layni and Scott Rothbort, a Midbar Kodesh Temple member family.

If you or someone you know qualifies and would like to apply, please contact Andrew Spivak at 702 355 5695 or for more information about the scholarship or developing a fund of your interest at Midbar Kodesh Temple.

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