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Why We Give

Hi, we're the Wellish family, and when we joined a newly-formed conservative synagogue in Henderson 19 years ago, little did we know that we would be the recipients of an abundance of gifts.

The Wellish Family

Having just moved to Las Vegas with three young children, we were attracted to Midbar Kodesh. Just by GIVING dues for temple, all of us have RECEIVED lifetime friendships. For our children, their involvement in USY offered the space for a connection with friends outside of their day-to-day lives, opportunities to cultivate their curiosity about Judaism and life in a supportive environment, all while learning leadership skills.

Our children GAVE their time to attend Hebrew school, and through commiserating with each other, celebrating holidays and traditions or maybe feeling momentary recognition via Adam Sandler (The Chanukah Song Part 3: "....There's Lou Reed, Perry Farrel, Beck and Paula Abdul/Joey Ramone invented punk rock music, but first came Hebrew school..."), they unwittingly RECEIVED a deep sense of connection of shared history and traditions.

We GAVE to the capital campaign building fund as a way to ensure the growth of our blossoming temple. In return for our donation, as well as from the generosity of many other families, we RECEIVED a beautiful, comfortable and "haimish," sacred space in which so many different age groups gather.

As a family and through USY and Hebrew School, we have GIVEN our time to the SATO (Social Action Tikkun Olam) projects. What we RECEIVED was the spiritual enlightenment you attain when you engage in the mitzvah of gimilut chasadim (acts of loving kindness). It taught our family to be grateful for even the simplest things like having your own bed to sleep in (Family Promise) and being healthy (Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation).

Whether you give financially, give time or give your talent, we ask that you join us in giving to Midbar Kodesh Temple. As a result of GIVING to Midbar Kodesh, the unexpected gift of RECEIVING is always boundless and surprising.

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